Politics , Religious bias and Covid

One of the observations, which have disappointed me a lot in the COVID crisis is the refusal of some people to leave their biases. COVID crisis in its own way has been a big equaliser. It has affected everyone and everywhere, and it is a big demonstrator of the lesson that when such crisis attacks, all humans need to forget their differences and fight it together however in the number of cases, the reverse has happened in observation. If I take the case of India, Social Media is full of posts where one community is attacking another community as the key reason behind the spread. There is a typical pattern to all of the cases - Religion. The morbidly funny aspect is that it is the same behaviour on both sides, being selectively ignored by each side when it comes to examples on their side but attacked viciously if the example is on another side. The pattern is simple, The religious ceremonies are still happening in fervent belief from participants that their God will save them from virus, and they will not be impacted. As expected, that does not occur, and law enforcement has to jump in to take care. While the loss of life and the difficulty it creates for medical professionals is problem enough, what is inexcusable is the attempt on both sides to make this a community problem and start painting the who race, religion, class and caste as a group to blame. Specifically, The attacks on NRIS, Chinese, Muslims and numerous others are worrying an even more worrying is the silence or lack of leadership from the government. We need to remember that one day this will all go away, but we will still live here with all our communities and what we do now will not be forgotten.

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