Politicians, Media and Covid

One of my first steps in the morning is to go through some of my favourite news sources, and it is interesting to see how the different countries and media houses choose to cover the new. The more exciting part is how the politicians are responding to the COVID. There is one typical pattern - Clueless !!!! To be fair to them, this is an unprecedented situation, and there are many things which we are learning as we go along. Expecting them to have a perfect response which can handle the situation will be wrong. Still, at the same time, there are expectations of leadership, calm and mature behaviour is expected out of world leaders, and that seems to be in short supply. The expectation from the leaders' is for two things - The drive to maintain the hope and normalcy and the administrative acumen of providing the capability which different components of the solution landscape need. Just one or just another won't work. And this is the point where politicians have struggled. Taking one example of Narendra Modi from India, I woke up to see his address urging people to light candles to fight the darkness of corona. A noble sentiment and a reasonable attempt to keep the hopes of people up. However, he is facing criticism on lack of clarity on the concrete administration support to tackle the current situation as well as planning to handle the situation as we recover. There is a similar story from the other parts of the world where leaders are jumping from one faux pas to another. The story from the media is a bit mixed. While there are media houses which are doing a great job of handling public need but at the same time some are finding it difficult to move away from there standard narratives. One look at the front pages can tell you a lot. It highlights a significant challenge for the media to handle multiple segments forming in society and cater to their news habits while also trying to shape them. That is a topic for the other day. Stay safe and stay well...

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