A new starting

After a long time, I am coming back to blogging. The last time I tried my hand on it, the world was much different in both of the countries I belong to. Since then United kingdom has gone ahead with Brexit after will it /won't it for over 3 years and country of my origin, India has selected once again the phenomenon called Modi which unites and divides India in equal measures As if that was not enough, The current world is in the grip of COVID 19, which is bringing down to knees several countries in the world and in a weird way proving a great equaliser. While the sad part of affected and dead does have the potential to overwhelm, the number of recovered and stories of people helping others is re-enforcing the survivalist nature of the human race. On the personal side, I have gone ahead and taken a step which may sound strange at the moment. I have decided to change my employers. The usual questions from the friends were, "are you sure that you are doing the right thing?". You can never be sure. Any job change is a calculated risk which you realise only after some time in the job that it has paid off or not. But the base question remains, why am I writing this blog and what I am going to write about? To be honest, I don't know. I have 22 years of experience as a techno-commercial person working across industries. I am a reasonably successful day trader. I am incredibly vocal in my political views in social media, much to the annoyance of my close family and friends in whose opinion, it is a big waste of time :-). I love photography, crazy after gadgets. I am an avid reader of English and Hindi literature. The sum total, I don't have a lack of topics, and it is going to be interesting even for me to see which path this take forward. Hopefully, it will add value to people who read it... Till next time...

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